Power as Mobile as You

We are at the perfect cross roads of providing a turn key amenity and generating new revenue with no additional overhead.

The most mobile power source for charging on the go!

Dont worry about leaving the house with low battery again!


About Us

MiChargR is a technology company with a mission to change the way people recharge their mobile devices in public places.

Our rentable power banks provide a mobile solution to common a problem- low batteries.
Our kiosk is designed to integrate easily and is completely autonomous, designed to generate a new revenue stream for our partners.

What We Do

Our service provides a self sufficient kiosks with rentable power banks that release and allow guests to charge devices on the go.

  • Power banks are interchangeable- can be rented and returned to any kiosk operated my MiChargr
  • Each power bank has three charging ports capable of charging a
    different device simultaneously. (Type-C, Micro USB, iOS)
  • 43 inch HD screen, able to program and generate advertising revenue

MiChargr in Action

Customized Backend Management System
For Our Partners

We have a custom backend system that allows partners to manage their networks and view key performance metrics from each venue and each kiosk in real time. This allows them to efficiently manage and organize their charging stations based on usage rates and revenue generate across their entire portfolio.

Perfect Amenity For

Malls - Retail

Increase customer spend and length of visit with a new high-tech amenity

Health Centers and Hospitals

Give guests solutions to keep loved ones updated and connected in times of crisis

Airports - Transit Stations

Keep travelers connected with secure mobile charging solutions to keep their devices ready on the go

Sports - Entertainment

Enhance guest experience, an amenity that keeps them tuned in and increased online engagement

College - University Campuses

A valuble resource that helps student stay connected and prepared

Events - Business Offices

Attendees, guests and employees all benefit from our seamless charging solution

Process of MiChargR


Download MiChargr app to find the nearest available power bank


Scan the QR code on the kiosk.


Pull out ejected power bank, plug in device and move freely.


Open the app locate a kiosk, insert power bank in to any open slot and your transaction is complete.

Technology Overview

KIOSK DIMENSIONS: 23" X 7.5" X 6'8 "


  • User scans QR code on screen with camera
    or our app.
  • Power bank ejects from kiosk and user
    plugs in device (first time user inputs
    payment information and phone number).
  • Transaction is closed and user is charged
    when power bank is returned to any kiosk.


  • Live rental timer. Live route navigation to power bank station locations.
  • Smart battery releasing faulty or low batteries.
  • Flexible billing options and promo code activations for discounts.
  • Outlet details, address, pictures, operating hours, and available power


  • New stream of revenue with
    minimal overhead and cost.
  • Immediate value you added
    service with minimal change
    needed for integration
  • Communicate with guests and customers with 43 inch HD screen
  • Maximize reach and visibility with
    video advertising opportunities on
  • Self sufficient, only needs standard power outlet.

Benefits of Our Service

New Revenue

Our screen is completely programmable allowing advertising from third parties

Completely Autonomous

Our self service kiosks require no additional management from our partners

Fast Charge

MiChargr Power bank uses cutting edge Fast- Charge Technology allowing your phone to charge rapidly.

Device Compatibility

Every MiChargr power bank comes with a iOS cable, USB-C cable, and MicroUSB, compatible with almost all mobile devices.

Freedom to Move

Our power banks are 100% mobile allowing complete freedom of movement. No more hovering around wall outlets and charging stations.

Customized Functionality

Our service can be tailor made for any event, public, private, video display, slideshows and more

New upsell and advertising opportunity to generate additional revenue

A high tech solution to make guests’ visit a more enjoyable experience

Fast charging technology, power banks have three different ports capable of charging multiple devices at once

Large 43 inch digital display customizable advertisements, pictures, slide shows, videos, streams, rss feeds and more.