Frequently Asked questions

Everything You Need to Know About MiChargR

Answer: Download the MiChargR app, locate a nearby kiosk through the app, scan the QR code, and you're ready to rent a power bank.

Answer: Absolutely! Our power banks are designed for convenience. Rent from one kiosk and return it to any other MiChargR location.

Answer: Our power banks are equipped with Type-C, Micro USB, and iOS charging ports, making them compatible with virtually all smartphones and many other devices.

Answer: Partners enjoy a multitude of benefits including increased foot traffic, an innovative value-added service to enhance customer satisfaction, and an attractive advertising platform on our kiosks' HD screens. By integrating MiChargR into your space, you align your brand with cutting-edge technology and customer-centric solutions.

Answer: Our partnership model includes access to the advertising space on our 43 inch HD screens, located on each kiosk. This provides a dynamic medium for partners to promote their products or services directly to a captive audience. The advertising platform is designed to be both flexible and impactful, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific marketing goals of our partners.